Our Approach

Children are our future! What can be more valuable than investing in your child's education?

Classical Tones Music School has various music programs to accommodate every child's needs. We are not only offering music lessons, but helping your child to become more confident person, build strong leadership skills and develop appreciation and love for music. We offer various approaches to make music education interesting and fulfilling. Students at Classical Tones are given opportunities to have one-on-one lessons, become a part of duet group sessions, join choir practices and perform on stage. For our advanced students we offer Trinity Music Program which is a great opportunity to earn credit in music towards a college degree. We have a great crew of highly experienced and knowledgeable music coaches to help you with your music journey!

Our students range from beginners learning fun pieces all the way to advanced pianists preparing for competitions.


Meet the Instructors

Classical Tones takes great pride in having highly qualified instructors with University degrees in their respective instruments! Click here to meet them.

What's New?

Head over to the Facebook page for the latest messages from the studio, or the YouTube channel to see Alena's latest work!